TURTL® NECES high-quality and stylish bathroom washbasins made of artificial granite. Recessed on the countertop. The TURTL colored washbasin is a great choice for those who want to boldly shape their bathroom style. TURTL® BQA DECORUS and BQC NECES granite washbasins are made from durable TURTL® composite granite material. They will add a natural stone feeling and extra color to the bathroom. Our different color washbasins can be perfectly combined with bathroom cabinets or other elements. Eye-catching design will make an even greater impression of the bathroom space.
NECES BQC 53 - 220
Color: Argent
TURTL® BQC NECES granite washbasins are made from durable composite granite material. It will add a natural stone feeling to your space. For personalization, you can combine the different washbasins colours with other elements. The eye-catching design will make an outstanding impression on the bathroom space.
Washbasin dimensions: 535 x 370 mm
Bowl dimensions: 475 x 310 mm
Pelvic depth: 150 mm
Material: TURTL artificial granite [1] GlossyCoat - 700 [2]
Drilled hole for accessories: no
Drain hole: 73 mm
Overflow: yes| round
Valve: yes | The Click-Clack AK-01 valve system is available as an option!
Packaging: cardboard box, safe for door-to-door deliveries
Warranty: 5 - years