Washbasin faucet Nos 1077
TURTL® brand faucets (washbasins) stand out for their reliable equipment and are a great choice both due to their modern design and their quality. The brass faucet housing is manufactured in accordance with EU requirements for brass alloy. This type of housing is particularly resistant to abrasion. All TURTL® faucets only have ceramic cartridges. These cartridges are effective in protecting against water leakage. The well-known aerators NEOPERL® reduce the amount of spray by regulating the water flow and eliminate the so-called side spray. Saves water and reduces energy consumption. The housings of the chrome-plated faucets are coated with a double layer of chrome.

Overall height: 195 mm
Depth: 109 mm
Width: 12 mm
Housing: brass
Surface: chrome-plated, glossy
Cassette: ceramic, 35 mm
Aerator: NEOPERL
Connection hoses: stainless steel, flexible G1 / 2, length 400 mm, 2 pcs.
Required hole: 1, Ø 35 mm
Type: high pressure
Warranty: 5 years