High quality, durable, and easy to use and maintain – that is how we can define the TURTL® composite granite sinks. They are easy to adapt to any kitchen by bringing modern elegance to your surroundings.
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Why choose TURTL® Composite Granite?
Hardiness and longevity. TURTL® granite is a unique material made up of 80 % high-purity quartz, and 20% patented resin material, which makes TURTL® granite surface much less porous than pure natural granite and increases its hardiness and longevity.

Safety. TURTL® granite also offers additional granite strength that ensures product safety.

Less maintenance and dirt build-up. TURTL® granite stands out with its smooth, non-porous surface that does not accumulate dirt inside and requires less maintenance. The character is extremely pleasant to touch.

Discover Your colour for TURTL® granite

Benefits of features at TURTL® composite granite sinks




Highly resistant to scratching


Color wont fade


Resistant to stains and dirt


Easy-care surface


Patented technology

Mocha warm / 114
Silica / Ivory / 111
Blanched almond / 113
Argent / Warm concrete / 220
Black metallic / 601
Alba / White / 710
Alumetallic / Grey / 202
Beige / Sand / 110
Graphite /Dark blue /222
Light grey/ Light grey / 221
  • 2020Patented Technology

    A patent is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making and using such products.

    All granite components produced in EU
Delicia GQD 150 - B-110
Color: Black - Beige
A sink with a tempered glass top, and a tray installed from above, consisting of two compartments.
Delicia SQD 150 - 110
Color: Beige
This model is without a tempered glass rim, installed topmount or undermount, consisting of two compartments.
Delicia SQD 101 - 110
Color: Beige
The rectangular shape model with a one-compartment sink.
Delicia SQD 100 - 110
Color: Beige
The sink is in a square shape with one compartment.