Locus BQW600
Round cast stone washbasin with GlossyCoat coating.
Installation over the washing machine, with overflow.
Minimum washing mashine size: 400 mm

The main advantage of the TURTL® washbasin production technology is the thicker resistance of the protective gel layer and its special hardness. TURTL® washbasins with a gel layer can withstand high mechanical external influences and are resistant to accidental shocks. Innovative blends and advanced polishing processes ensure that the surface of the sink is precisely leveled to a mirror finish, resulting in the washbasin meeting the highest quality standards.

TURTL® washbasins have excellent resistance to color changes as well. The gloss of the surface and the brightness of the color will last for a long time.

Washbasin dimensions: 600 x 600 mm
Bowl dimensions: 531 x 466 mm
Pelvic depth: 77 mm
Mounting method: over the washing machine
Material: artificial granite [1]
Gelcoat glossy - 700 [2]
Drilled hole for accessories: yes
Drain hole: 73 mm
Overflow: None
Valve: yes
The Click-Clack AK-01 valve system is available as an option!
Packaging: cardboard box, safe for
door-to-door deliveries
Warranty: 5 - years