Color: brushed gold

The set includes:

  • - hand shower stand
  • - thermostatic mixer
  • - hand shower holder
  • - adjustable handshower with 3 stream modes: rain imitation ("Rain"), massage imitation and rain imitation combined with massage stream mode ("Rain+Massaging Rain").
  • - flexible shower hose (1.50m)
Due to the thermostatic mixer, you can set the desired water temperature, which will remain unchanged during the showering procedure. By pressing the safety button, you will protect yourself and your children from possible burns by setting a maximum temperature of 38˚. The thermostatic mixer keeps water temperature set even if the pressure in the water system changes. It saves water and energy.

The square-shaped hand shower has 3 stream modes: rain imitation ("Rain"), which will allow you to enjoy the pleasant and gentle touch of each drop, stronger ("Massaging Rain") - a stream with a massage function, and "Rain" stream combined with "Massaging Rain", under which you will have the opportunity to feel gentle rain and refreshing massaging stream drops.

Create a cozy bathroom space with the thermostatic shower system!

Type: Thermostatic shower system
Collection: KVADRATO
Dimensions, mm: 790x150x365
Shower head diameter, mm: 250x250
Finishing: BG (brushed gold)
Warranty: 5 years
Installation and maintenance instructions
■   Warranty