LOCUS BQW520-700

White (700 (Glossy white)) washbasins are covered with SANITARY GELCOAT material, characterized by an extremely smooth, non-porous surface that is pleasant to the touch. The uniqueness of the SANITARY GELCOAT material is particularly good water drainage and easy maintenance of the wash basins, you can clean them simply with a cloth dampened in water. SANITARY GELCOAT is used in medical institutions because the solid material covers various surfaces well and does not allow the accumulation of microbes or dirt. Underneath the SANITARY GELCOAT layer is a composite marble cast stone base. Each washbasin is covered with a SANITARY GELCOAT layer up to 2 cm thick. Innovative compounds and advanced polishing processes ensure that the surface of the washbasin is precisely smoothed to a mirror shine, which makes the washbasin meet the highest quality standards set for it. All TURTL® washbasins come with a 5-year warranty.

Cabinet size (min): 600 mm
Installation type: Over the washing machine
Washbasin dimensions: 520 x 600 mm
Bowl size: 386 x 531 mm
Bowl depth: 77 mm
Material: Composite marble + Sanitary Gelcoat

In the box: