Soap dispenser DTR
Two way mounting ways | Convenient filling from the top

TURTL® high quality soap dispensers DTR are made from durable solid brass material and colors are perfectly matched to our faucets and sinks. The bottle is refillable from the top for the user's convenience. The dispenser can be mounted in two ways: into the kitchen sink or on a countertop.
DTR - 111CR
Color: Silica / Chrome
Material: Solid brass
Filling bottle method: from the top
Plastic bottle capacity: 350 ml
Hole diameter for dispenser: 28 - 35 mm
Maximum countertop top thickness: 35 mm
Color: 111CR (silica/chrome), 601CR (black metalic/chrome), 601C (black metallic/copper), 601CC (black metallic/copper copper), 710CR (alba/chrome)